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Who We Are

Dr. Malcolm believes in providing the highest quality dentistry for his patients. His staff is committed to providing the best possible service from the start of the appointment to the completion. We are grateful that you have chosen us to provide care for your children. We pledge that all information you need concerning treatment plans and safety of your child will be presented to you. If you have any concerns please feel free to discuss it with Dr. Malcolm or any member of the staff. Communication with parents and children are the backbone of our practice. If you are not comfortable with a treatment plan or behavior management plan always feel free to discuss it.

There are numerous ways that children can be treated. We acknowledge that not every child is the same and different personalities require different approaches. We do not believe there is only one way to deal with children. Some children need more TLC while others do better with a firmer approach. In rare cases there are children who do require sedation or general anesthesia in order for treatment to be completed safely. However, we do not believe that sedating children is always the best first approach, particularly for simple procedures. Simply drugging a child is not the solution for overcoming fears and anxiety. Instead we believe that molding behavior management through explanation and information is the best way to approach most patients. Through basic parenting and simple psychological principles Dr. Malcolm and his team are able to help mold a child’s behavior into a good dental patient without altering a child’s natural personality. This allows the child to develop stronger coping skills and more independence.

Dr. Malcolm believes in treating disease in the mouth. Some procedures are difficult for kids to go through due to age or inherent fears. However, sometimes emergency situations or urgent care must be rendered. In these cases, it is not our philosophy to postpone treatment until good dental behavior is present. Rather, the treatment options will be presented and dental care will be provided safely and as gently as possible despite behavior. This is done to prevent further pain and infection.

Thank you for allowing us to provide dental care for your children.